Business Intelligence

Regardless of industry, most organizations record and track thousands of transactions on a daily basis. Business Intelligence (BI) is a way to collect, process, and use this data in one place with a simple analytical report (s). In the common practice, the Business Intelligence solution is designed to retrieve, analyze, convert and report data. The Business Intelligence solution makes data analytics and management more effective and available to make the right decision at the right time.

Our Business Intelligence solution can remove large amounts of configured or unstructured data. This targets a large amount of data flow. In addition, it provides insight and analysis that can be used at different job levels. Some of our business intelligence solutions are analytics, reporting, data mining, business performance management, online analytical processing, complex event processing, predictive and prescriptive analytics and benchmarking.

Software solutions such as EAM and ERP are good options for businesses to streamline their processes. These software solutions, integrated with the BI solution, provide more information about these processes, which is a powerful tool that prevents companies from entering unnecessary processes.

At Upgenix, we offer highly useful BI tools that provide invaluable information to help end-users make a real-time and informed decision. You’ll also benefit from the integration features between our solutions and our Microsoft BI tools.

From health and finance to marketing, retail sales and more, our BI solution has been developed to meet the needs of every sector. In BI, there are some advantages you can get from our BI solution, as well as common features such as reporting, visualization and the following analytics:

  • Provides powerful views
  • Provides easy analytics
  • Facilitates business processes
  • Centralizes data

Common business intelligence solution categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Panels
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Commercial activity tracking
  • Data storage and mining
  • Integrated information systems
  • Tables