Enterprise Asset Management

Our Enterprise Asset Management solution (EAM) provides your planning plans and application size with your organizational associations, while keeping work orders, maintenance schedule, and any other location required for your business. We also offer your EAM software solution to serve all Enterprise departments. Our best-in-class event management solution, which is the best of its kind, continues to receive service from design and engineering.

Upgenix should be recognized as the leading provider of corporate governance management (EAM) for the global oil and gas industry. We can elaborate our solutions for ALM, EAM, OEE, and explain how we can improve the reliability of the event, how to initiate it in our services if we expect, and how to reduce maintenance costs. And this is just a few of our areas of expertise.

Our Heavy Maintenance Solution includes a commercially available (COTS) system inspection, disassembly, repair, renovation, revision and restoration.

Support to our facilities and equipment management of our solutions can help in maintaining a facility in order to adjust compliance with our organization’s maintenance authorities. Our EAM Solution provides your treatment and more, even in complex and risky maintenance settings. We have also extended this footprint to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

In addition, the priority is primarily to ensure that the plan is loaded, planned, or scheduled as planned, whether it is loaded, installed or scheduled, or a planned plan (aircraft, vehicle, or the like) is planned. The solution is for the maintenance of land, air or maritime.

Line maintenance, complexity, operations that require expertise on operation and pre-operation procedures. The Line Maintenance solution is integrated with capabilities as it is managed by Fleet and Asset Management and Supply Chain Management. It is also used to carry out work such as hydraulic mules, electric trolleys, work tables and lifts.