Upgenix is a multidisciplinary international solution provider. We offer a wide range of ERP Systems, Solutions and Services to our customers, including, but not limited to, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Utilities, Industrial Production, High Technology Production, Process Production, Transportation and many other sectors as Maritime, Construction, Trade and Retail, Universities and Schools, Hospitals, Real Estate, Dosing Plants, Shipyards, etc. In addition to other services and solutions with first-class standards in the industry.

Our services and solutions guarantee efficiency and precision in a brutal emerging market. We undertake to enter into ideas and optimism on the infrastructure and resource issues of our customers. By exploring our skills, we can turn challenges into opportunities.

To provide a world-class business solutions standard, Upgenix invests in the most advanced software technologies and uses a team of highly skilled professionals with global experience. By combining the goals of our clients with the expertise of our consultants, we develop a mutual understanding as well as a successful and collaborative approach to the challenges faced by our customers.

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