Enterprise Service Management

Our Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Solution, Customer service, technical support, sales, field service, support workplace etc. We can manage the information about their department … They also coordinate with what excludes what is included in the service. business processes

In addition, our Enterprise Service Management solution provides a service management solution for service organizations. Fuzzy ensures total costs and priority of automation and efficiency with several suppliers. It can also enable your personal workloads and simplify service delivery by automating processes and service requests.

Our Upgenix-enabled and easy-to-use ESM solution provides a real-time and integrated suite of core service service processes using common planning. The system monitors business centers such as people, planning, assets, customer loyalty status, orders, SLAs and repairs, and provides a solution for businesses with a centralized density.

The wide use of smart phones, one in each type of service is able to use in one place. End users install different systems on their smart phones and members can use them when they hear it.

Our Corporate Service Management solution manages the relationships with the clients, business organizations customers in the functions of their business. Self service portals. The self-service portal is a platform in which customers can record their final customer requests, waiting for information on the status of their requests and minimizing the center load of an organization’s service department.

In addition, our Field Service Management (FSM) solution offers state-of-the-art software for organizations working in the service industry that are open and organized, and are looking for high volume on a daily basis.