Enterprise Project Management

Our Corporate Project Management solution helps our customers to make decisions that lead to sustainable plans, management practices and investments in infrastructure, resources and operations. Upgenix manages all stages of projects from start to finish. Our expertise in Enterprise Project Management enables our customers to identify potential problems before they occur in a project. As a result, our team recommends clients how to implement preventive actions through strategic planning and project controls.

Working closely with our customers, we coordinate many related projects to help our customers achieve their goals and achieve their vision. In addition, we offer our customers superior services that determine what can go wrong in their projects. Upgenix staff is professional, experienced, collaborative, proactive and capable of managing high profile projects. Our collaborative teams facilitate a decision-making process that contributes to projects delivered safely on time and within budget.

Best Functionality in Classroom

We use the latest project management tools and techniques as well as features that enable the team to identify, communicate and address potential issues that arise. Together, these elements produce high quality projects that are technically and environmentally applicable and affordable.

As Upgenix, we are interested in our customers who choose to manage their projects and coordinate interfaces with other stakeholders. We add the needs of our clients to our project management perspective, which is supported by our resources to plan, design and manage projects. This unique combination offers our customers a single source for Enterprise Project Management solutions. Therefore, our solutions are preferred in project-intensive sectors such as offshore / land oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, energy and utilities, order-based manufacturing engineering, mining, infrastructure, shipyards, construction and engineering, process production, high technology.