Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management solution has significantly reduced the order lead time required from our customers as a result of the improved planning and operational capabilities. At Upgenix, we provide our clients comprehensive solution for supply chain that help manage all aspects of the supply chain in order to minimize costs and to increase profitability, efficiency and productivity.


While many companies struggle to standardize basic transactions and align a global business, our clients achieve that today through implementing improved supply chain processes that drive best-in-class excellence. Our clients rely on our solutions as a key enabler and tool to secure a competitive advantage and improved business performance.


Our supply chain solution is designed and developed to meet the needs of Large-size, medium-size and small-size companies who are involved in the supply chain management. We are working closely with our customers to ensure that every aspect of the supply chain such as assorting, planning & scheduling, sourcing, storing, transporting, etc…  is well addressed, managed and fulfilled. Harmony between the different aspects of the supply chain is crucial in order to have control over them from the one hand and to keep competitive in an ever changing market on the other hand.


Our supply chain management solution provides advanced retail planning in addition to a suite of collaborative supply chain optimization solutions that help companies whether they are small, medium or large size companies to streamline their processes and operations. Moreover, our SCM solution allows to perform global planning operation. Our solutions provide support right from planning to forecasting, from sourcing to manufacturing to distribution and delivery. In addition, our SCM solution supports the automation and integration required to plan, schedule, produce, store, and deliver products in order to increase revenues and profits.